3 Ways You Can Use Omni-Channel Marketing Strategies

With companies focusing on the whole customer experience, it’s no wonder that omni-channel marketing strategies are on the rise. Omni-channel marketing can be defined as viewing the experience through the eyes of your customer and orchestrating the customer experience across all channels so that it is seamless, integrated, and consistent. Whether customers are buying products at a brick-and-mortar or going online to a website or mobile app, the goal is to have the experience be smooth and consistent across all platforms. This integration and consistency of multiple buying channels is something that is attainable for small businesses. Here are 3 steps you can start implementing today to take your marketing strategy to the next level: 

Optimize Your Mobile Website Experience

If you don’t already have a mobile-friendly website, then I suggest you stop what you’re doing and make it happen! Not only do mobile-optimized sites help ease your customers’ experience, it also helps with your Google search rankings. In July, Google changed their algorithm so that mobile-optimized websites ranked higher in search results. To check if your site is mobile-friendly, visit the Google Search Console and type your URL.   

Build Your Social Media Presence

According to Gartner Research, marketing campaigns that integrate 4 or more digital channels will outperform single- or dual-channel campaigns by 300%. Once you have an optimized website, start consistently posting to your social media channels to expand your reach and add that additional touch point. By consistently posting relevant and engaging content and pushing it through your social media channels, you’re building your brand image and recognition making it easier for you to ask for the sale in the future. 

Personalize Your Communications

Long gone are the days of mass marketing efforts. It’s all about personalization and making sure that consumers are getting tailored content delivered to them. It can be as simple as adding their name to the subject line of an email campaign and it can get as granular as targeting your email campaign based on certain actions that they’ve taken on your website. 

If this sounds overwhelming to you, don’t fret! Digitmar offers marketing strategy services that will help you get your marketing where it needs to be. Sign up for a FREE consultation to learn more about how Digitmar can help.