Breaking Down the Walls - Getting Personal in Your Marketing Tactics

As a small business owner, it’s easy for you to hide behind your brand. After all, that’s what you’re selling right? Think again! While your brand can have its own personality, it’s important to give a face behind the brand. Consumers are tired of the picture perfect presentations that companies have force fed them and they’re looking for real content from real people. Take advantage of this shift in consumers’ perspectives and promote the full story of your business — including you.

While it may be easier said than done (I’m an introverted person who owns a social media company, so I feel you on this!) so here are some helpful ways you can integrate personal details into your marketing strategy.

  1. Show Your Face on Social Media

    It’s great to feature your products or services on your social media pages, but do you know what’s also great? Featuring yourself! By showing a face behind the brand, people are more likely to connect with you and want to learn more about your business. There are #fridayintroductions hashtags that specifically feature small business owners and their stories. You can also show yourself working on an exciting new product or project you’ll be releasing soon. It may feel self-conceited at first, but I promise that the payout is worth it. People want to connect with real people more than ever and you can make that happen with your small business.

  2. Tell Your Story on Your Website

    Do you have an “About Us” section on your website? Is it a generic paragraph about your business and the services you offer? If so, then it may be time to rethink that strategy. By including your face and the personal story behind your business, you’re making it more likely for customers to connect with you. When you build that connection with people, they are going to be more likely to buy from you.

  3. Personalize Whenever You Can

    Not only should you be using your customers first name in email marketing, you should also be giving them content that is relevant to their needs. When you’re trying to capture people into your marketing funnel, knowing their name and exactly what they’re looking for makes you stand out from all the other forms of communication they have coming their way. You can also create customized landing pages on your website that features products and services specific to certain segments of your customers.