Portfolio: Government Contracts Institute

About Government Contracts Institute

Government Contracts Institute offers efficient and effective contracts training for clients in the DMV area. They offer services such as contracts training, proposal management for government contracting, proposal management and more.

Event Details

Every year, Government Contracts Institute hosts numerous panels on the latest topics on government contracting. The Future of Federal Contracting breakfast panel was held on April 17 in Tysons Corner, VA and featured panelists Oracle VP Janice Haith and U.S. SBA Director Antonio Doss.


Digitmar was tasked with implementing a 2-week paid Facebook advertising campaign to raise awareness of the breakfast panel with a total budget of $250. A total of 8 ads were targeted in the DMV area to government contractors and a look-a-like list.  The ads that ran in the first week of the campaign featured three topics: panelists, networking, and session topics. During the last week of the campaign, Digitmar switched messaging to increase urgency.

Government Contracts Institute - Facebook Ad 1.png
Government Contracts Institute - Facebook Ad 2.png


Overall, the campaign had solid reach and impression numbers based on the limited budget and time the ads ran.

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