How to Optimize Your Website to Generate Leads

Putting your best digital foot forward is so important for small businesses since It is very likely that this is the first point of contact for potential customers. Here are four helpful tips to make the best impression that will help you generate leads and stand out from the competition.

  1. Have a Promotional Pop Up

    Whether it’s a newsletter sign-up or providing them a discount code for your products or services, it’s beneficial to have a lead generator where you can get contact information to reach out at a later date. Consider putting a promotional popup that triggers after someone has been on your website for 10 minutes or having a simple banner at the top of your website that offers 5% off if they sign up for your newsletter.

  2. Link Relevant Products/Services to Your Blog Posts

    If you don’t have a blog, you may want to consider starting one. Not only is it great for search engine optimization (SEO), it’s also a great platform to provide free resources to lure people in. At the end of blog posts, you can also feature your products and services for a soft sale approach.

  3. Make Sure You Have a Strong Call to Action

    When people visit your website, you want to make sure there is a simple and clear call to action. Do you want visitors to call you for a free quote? Make sure your phone number is on the top half of your website. Do you want visitors to buy a product? Make sure that you have your shop section labeled correctly and easily accessible by being at the top of the page. It’s important to keep it simple when it comes to your website design so that your call to action stands out to visitors.

  4. Implement a Live Chat Feature

    This new trend may seem unattainable for small business owners, but think again! there are many low-cost add-ons for websites to include a live chat feature. Manning these channels is also easier with apps like Facebook Messenger integration. By being able to provide visitors with customer service as soon as they enter the website you’re elevating their experience and making it more likely for them to purchase from you. Are live chats not an option due to limited time? There are now live bots that can be programmed to answer simple questions about your products and services so that it has the feeling of a live chat without the need for you to constantly monitor incoming messages.