The Small Business Marketing Funnel

When it comes to small business marketing, it’s important to consider the journey your customers will be taking to eventually make a purchase from your business. The marketing funnel described below gives a general direction of how your customers travel from beginning to end. This marketing field guide will walk you through the marketing funnel and how you can optimize each stage to make sure that your customers travel from awareness all the way down to advocacy.

  1. Awareness

    In this first stage, people are newly aware of your small business. This is the prime stage where you can provide free resources — this could include free guides, advice, or content that would help your customer and is relevant to your business — to help build trust and establish a relationship.

  2. Consideration

    Now is the time to deepen your relationship with these prospects and address how your small business can help them solve their problems. You shouldn’t be selling to them just yet, but instead you should be sending them targeted content that will help lead them into the next stage.

  3. Conversion

    This stage is where a prospect finally becomes a customer! This is where you close the deal by talking about the benefits of your product or service and is a great stage to offer promotions or discounts. It’s important that you don’t come off as too pushy — we all don’t like that one salesperson who tries a little too hard — and make sure the message comes across as genuinely trying to help your customers.

  4. Loyalty

    You got the customer, but it’s not over yet! It’s important to continue to delivery value even after they make a purchase. This helps keep your small business top of mind and make it more likely for them to make a repeat purchase. Consider providing your customers with customer service support, exclusive content, or discounts to future purchases.

  5. Advocacy

    This is the ultimate stage that you want to get your customers to because it helps feed the top of the funnel and creates a steady flow of new prospects. As a small business owner, don’t forget to empower your customers to promote you. Whether it’s through setting up a referral program or asking for reviews, it is so important for you to utilize word-of-mouth marketing.